With its many years of experience, our company Eresin Enerjji has gained a strong position in the energy sector. It has established solid commercial relations as a result of working with strong investment and project partners in its Project settlements both in Europe and Türkiye.

In line with our experience, we meet the demands of our customers in Europe, we confidently export the products, which comply with European standards and are produced by companies that have proven themselves in Türkiye, and we deliver these products to our customers located in Europe without any problems.
We contribute to the projects of our customers in Europe by providing specific products and acting in accordance with the specified deadlines.

Since electrical energy is available in all areas of our lives, we offer transformer station centers suitable for all net-mains voltages to our customers. In addition, most of our activities are in the field of renewable energy (solar power plants, wind power plants, biogas/biomass power plants, etc.). Our products, which have IEC certification, have been validated in Europe and even all over the world, and they are currently used.

We request our customers to share the technical details and drawings of the projects with us so that we can manage the processes more accurately. In this way, we can prepare a better order and product group for the order approval stage.